Based in Lugano and Zurich we are an independent hands-on e-mobility partner providing advisory services during the due diligence process and for investment decisions with a strong focus on the Swiss market. Our expertise is based on more than 30 years of track record in the industry.

Areas of expertise 

E-Mobility Market Data (Swiss & International)
  • Scenarios E-Mobility / Market projections: We provide a data model on new EV registrations & fleet development of electric vehicles (as-is vs. future). We have developed our scenarios together with the leading e-mobility association Swiss eMobility. It includes a projection of the EV market penetration until 2050 as well as other modules such as energy volume and charge point utilisation.
  • Growth potential analysis: We offer growth potential analyses of various aspects within the EV market. This includes the development of electric vehicle sales but also related products, services and the projected electricity volume.
  • Geographical focus: We are a Swiss company and therefore have an excellent, in-depth knowledge on the Swiss e-mobility development on a local (municipalities, cities, cantons) and on national level. However we are not limited to our home market as we have a broadly educated, international experienced team of industry experts with engineering, energy and automotive background. With the team's language skills in German, French, Italian and English mostly as mother tongue or comparable we are able to support you along the whole due diligence process.
  • Infrastructure: We provide you with an overview of relevant market players (hardware and software), evaluation and benchmarking. Due to our long standing expertise in the market we are able to understand where future profit pools of various e-mobility business models will be in accordance with your investment goal.
Business Plan Review
  • Plausibility check: Have your business plan assumptions for any e-mobility endeavour checked by an industry expert. Disposing of a 30-year experience and knowledge of the e-mobility industry we are the ideal partner to validate the underlying technical and commercial assumptions of the target's business plan and to perform a risk assessment.
  • Technical and commercial due diligence support: We offer assistance to any organizations in the process of acquiring businesses or making strategic investments.
Assessment of Technology and Innovation
  • Technology advice: Many companies in the e-mobility sector seem to offer innovative products. But how does a distinctive technology actually compare to its peers? Will it offer a competitive advantage in the long-run? We will help you to keep a clear view in the jungle of the e-mobility industry and its rapidly evolving offerings.